mountain spirit

I spent the weekend in Snowdonia leading another group through the Ascent program.

Mountain Spirit

I move in the presence
Of Mount Snowdon Feeling
The weight of its ancient pull

A challenge, a summons, filters
Through the mountain breeze
The gate of your destiny is open

I hear the mountain spirit say
But will I walk through it?
Is what echoes in my mind

By the lake shore, I stand
To ponder the significance
Of these subtle words

The answers I think I know
Lie hidden in these ancient rocks
It is the questions that defy formulation

The Path, my path, familiar
Yet strange, my spirit knows
The Way in a way my mind does not

The Path, I’m told, leads
Everywhere and nowhere
The view from the top the same

The lesson is in the journey
Only more questions
Await at the top

To step on the Path
Or not to step
Is the question that drives me
– c.lowe

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