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on the way to posnan

I’m in Scotland this week. The hotel I am staying at is tuck away in a quiet place. Perfect for writing. I’m Just filtering through my notes from my Poland trip to see what comes out.

We flew to Poland on WizzAir, which was my first time flying with them. The flight itself was fine, and to be honest, the flight attendants weren’t bad, they just didn’t come across as very friendly.

In short, they didn’t make me feel at home on their flight.

We whiz on the wings of
WizzAir, whizzing through
The air we breathe
Never mind our carbon footprint
We have to get from here to there
Or go nowhere

I can’t seem to get past
The airhostess blond’s
Smudged make-up, crooked
Nose and venomous eyes

Perhaps she’s served
To many coffees and creams
Seen her dreams drift
Up and down the same
Old aisle two dozen times a flight

Or maybe she’s just
A cold-hearted bitch
With a badge and pink shirt
And a smile that says:
I’d rather be anywhere than
In the air with you.


Oh hi there 👋
It’s nice to meet you.

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