Musings · March 28, 2007 4

who is this guy?

I was trolling through some old memories this morning.  All of sudden, I couldn’t remember who I was; or who I am.

Will the real Clay Lowe please stand up?

I was born Clayton Lamont Lowe.  But from the very beginning, Clayton didn’t exist.  My family called me Lamont.  Then Clayton appeared when school started.  Then I became two people; Clayton at school, Lamont at home. 

After I left home for university, Lamont disappeared and Clayton became Clay.  I don’t remember who first called me Clay, but the name stuck and I’ve been him ever since.  And now I’m trying to remember who Clayton and Lamont are.  Has anybody seen these guys?

btw…in Purple Haze, does Jimi say ‘excuse me while I kiss the sky’ or ‘excuse me while I kiss this guy’?

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