black coffee please, make that two

Maybe I just don’t get out much because I had no idea these things existed.  Or maybe I’ve just been living in England too long and need to get myself back across the Big Pond and find out what’s going over there! 

I like my coffee straight up – black, no sugar – coffee flavored coffee as Denise Leary once joked.  But thanks to my friend Becky, a girl in short shorts, I might have to rethink my whole concept of coffee and how I like it served. 

This is the thing that gets me all conflicted.  As an intelligent woman I should be deeply offended, when I pull into an expresso stand and am served by a bouncy bodacious barista in pink hot pants.  And if I was a totally straight girl (or a 1993 lesbian), I probably would have. read

Coffee will never be the same!

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Tisha February 17, 2007

oh yeah saw this on the news and I like a little flavor in my coffee with milk and sugar! *wink*

Dixie February 17, 2007

Good thing I don’t drink coffee… 😉

Clay Lowe February 18, 2007

Dixie…you’re missing some good stuff.

Becky February 18, 2007

Would you like some cream with that?:)


Clay Lowe February 19, 2007

Hi Becky – are you pouring?

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