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I attended the Professional Speakers Association meeting the other night and one the keynote speakers gave a presentation on purpose.  His theme was that we should live our lives on purpose not on accident.  He said the way to find your purpose is to align your true core values with your true insecurities.  Once you truly understand what they are you can begin to live your life in accords with your purpose. 

His presentation got me to thinking about my own purpose.  Yesterday I spent the morning really questioning my core values.  By doing that I came to understand that my core values are driven from my insecurities about myself.  The traditional rationale goes something like this:  if I be more of my core values, my insecurities won’t have room to show. 

But actually it’s my insecurities that drive who I aspire to be.  And by asking myself some tough questions as to why my insecurities are what they are, I was able to discover my purpose.

Animals are fantastic.  We can learn a lot from them about life.  When it comes to living on purpose the lion and gazelle story is a perfect example.  The story goes like this:

Every morning in Africa, a lion wakes up knowing that it must outrun the slowest gazelle or starve to death.  Every morning in Africa, a gazelle wakes up knowing that it must outrun the fastest lion or be killed.  You see it doesn’t matter whether you are the lion or the gazelle, when the sun comes up, you had better be running!


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Tisha February 15, 2007

Hi Clay,

Hope you’re well and had a good V Day yesterday:)

Took me a long while to discover my purpose in life and it will surely develop with time. It is driven by a near-death experience which gave me the perspective that in the short time I’ll be on the planet I must make this count, make it meaningful by encouraging harmony, justice and compassion – too BIG a mission for one person but I believe we all can contribute at our level and am glad that you Clay are a partner in this mission!

Dave Hyner February 16, 2007

Clay – you are a star mate !

Rarely has someone grapsed the process of understanding purpose as quickly as you have.


My purpose is to inspire myself and others by sharing and living my message. To be an outstanding role model to my son and a best friend to my family. To seek adventure, happiness, fun and love in everything I do,
and to serve others as best I can.

Dave Hyner February 16, 2007

By David Hyner

An illusive animal is the purpose.
For when you think you have it within your sight, it evolves and changes into something new, something bolder, something more precious, more coveted, more desired than before.

Most people are not aware that the purpose even exists.
They can go through life not even knowing what one is and yet they are all around us, every moment of every day.

If you know how to look for them, they can be easy to spot.
Hidden under a vale of values and insecurities that are too frequently challenged and left unsatisfied. Laying dormant in slumber doubting its own worth or existence.

You can see them, every now and then, as a reflection within the eyes of a mother holding her child in arms, in the stance of the athlete wearing his ribboned prize. Or maybe in the voice of a teacher that has a message to share with the belief that it can change another’s life for the better.

People shy away from the purpose doubting their ability to find it or disregarding its worth as a mere trifle of semantics.

Purpose is not about success, but more about service. To oneself or to others it matters not, but the joy of purpose is knowing why you do what you do in every part of your life. The certainty and conviction that comes with purpose can not be lessened by a negative word or thoughtless deed.

Your mission is no longer without a goal or at the whim of another’s ill considered intention. No more is your resolve like an infants slumber, so easily disturbed and interrupted from its course.
On purpose you need fear no foe, no longer weak willed, or a selfish shell of petty grievances or dependant upon others to provide you with all you need, ………….. and it never being enough.
And we all have a chance to own purpose.
But as for its worth or value……?

How would it be to be free of the pressure of unsatisfied insecurities?
Knowing the comfort and security of living in line with your true values?
Tears are of joy, not sadness. Burdens have no weight, and you seek only to lighten the way for others to follow

The ebb of life drifts only to a close and to discover the purpose as early in ones life as you can holds true meaning. They teach you well in school of how to learn, but fall short when it comes to “what� to learn.

The dignity and certainty of ones own convictions, thoughts, actions and deeds are magnified many fold when you can answer in your heart this one thing and this one thing only.
Why do you do what you do?

Do not follow others in pursuit of their dream but point your flaming torch into the darkness and discover your own way. Do not be fearful of “what ifs�, and “I can’t because� for they are merely fears raising their heads.
Know that through fear grows courage, and from action flows achievement, step forth with certainty and pride will follow you.

What follows is the current purpose of one David Hyner, an average man leading an average life, but a man with purpose. Ask him of its power, ask him where you should look for your own and how to nurture its being. But above all else …….. seek your purpose !

My purpose is to inspire myself and others by sharing and living my message. To be an outstanding role model to my son and a best friend to my family. To seek adventure, happiness and love in everything I do, and to serve others as best I can.

Thank you for reading this.
Please pass it on to anybody you know that may need it.

David Hyner has spent many years interviewing top achievers to understand how they think and behave in ways more effective than our own. His work in the arena of goal setting and purpose is helping others to change for the better. He is living on purpose.
David is a proud father and husband, an International professional speaker, trainer and researcher. He is an author and is listed in the International book of who’s who of professionals, ……….. and loves life !
To find out about goal setting workshops with purpose contact:

Clay Lowe February 16, 2007

Once again David, you leave me awe struck!

Bryan Baker March 3, 2007

I love the story at the end of this post…my cross-country coach told this story once…inspiring.

Good blogs.

Jovanni Vennemann August 21, 2007

One’s first step in wisdom is to kuesteon everything – and one’s last is to come to terms with everything.

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