Are you waiting for the right time?

The problem of those who wait, wrote Nietzsche, is that it requires luck. And it requires a lot of luck if you are waiting for some higher being to give you permission to act by telling you it is the ‘right time’ to act. The reality is the ‘right time’ never happens. There are people all over the world waiting for permission to act. The sad part is they do not realise the extent to which they are waiting, and sadder still that they are waiting in vain. Sometimes “the awakening call, that chance event which gives permission to act, comes but too late – when the best part of youth and the strength to act has already been used up sitting still.� And some, when they finally do act, discover because they have waited so long their limbs have gone to sleep and their spirit is deflated. To their horror it is too late. They lose faith and condemn themselves to be forever useless. Perhaps greatness is not so rare: perhaps what is rare is the courage to overcome the need to wait for the ‘right time’ and instead grab chance by the foreskin!


  1. Tisha January 17, 2007 at 5:38 am

    Beautifully written inspirational post Clay! Sounds familiar LOL and from now I’m grabbing chance by the foreskin!

  2. Anndi January 19, 2007 at 10:20 pm

    Leaps of faith…

    Well said Clay.

    If you don’t put it out there, and start moving you will never get to where you are meant to be, and become who you truly are.


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