I picked this up from my friend’s blog:

J.R.R. Tolkien once wrote: “Not all those who wander are lost”. This has become something of a mantra for my life which brings me to the question: Can wanderlust be in your genetic code?

I had forgotten about that quote from LOR. Just reminded me of my thoughts that I am an eternal seeker…

Speaking of wandering…I returned from my Poland trip yesterday.

Clay’s Travel Trip #47: Check the times of your flight!!

Friday was the first time in all of my travelling life that I have missed a flight. I wish that some out of the ordinary thing happened, like rescuing a cat from a tree or waking up from an all night party in a place you have no idea where you are, but the simple truth is, I didn’t check and re-check my flight time. I thought I knew the time of the flight – and the key word there is thought!

All is well that ends well…as a result of missing my flight from Poznan, I was able to take the train to Berlin (which I have never been to) and spend the night there.

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