Blog · April 10, 2006 0

will you still love me when i’m 65?

Another clear blue sky…I think this must be some kind of record for England…anyway, I am down in Bristol for Rosemary’s 65th birthday party. The party was a success.

One of the more interesting characters I met at the party was a 48 year old lady named Nicola. She went to nursing school with Rosemary. I met Nicola on my very first night of my very first trip to England back in Dec of 1992. I had just graduated from the Infantry Officer’s Basic Course and was on a break before going off to Ranger School. We were invited out to play Skittles. And that is where I first met Nicola. Of course, I don’t remember meeting her in particular, but she remembers meeting me.

Nicola reminds me of a hippy chick who still believes the hippie movement is alive and well. Though I would admit there is a bit a of counter-culture revolution thing going on that incorporates some of the hippie ideas, but for the most part that revolution is long gone, dead, and buried.

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