catch up

I finished my work contract last Friday, so I spent yesterday catching up with the business end of my business. Well that is what I was supposed to be doing. What I ended up doing was meeting a friend in town for a coffee. We had a right good catch up on things. She also runs her own business (same line of work actually, so I was conversing with the enemy – not really!). We used to work together when we both still in the corporate salt mines. One thing we did agree on and that is life outside of the salt mines is a hell of lot better and neither of us would go back.

And of course, since I was in town, I had to pick up some things “I needed.” I had to pick up a few things for my Pyrenees adventure next week like a couple of pair of trail trousers, a belt, a water sack, new head torch, some headphones, a map of Northern Spain, and a book called Neutral Buoyancy, Tim Ecot which is about scuba diving (don’t ask me how that is related long distance hill walking).

Oh yeah, I did do some work later in the afternoon.


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