Yesterday, there was a period in the day when my life felt completely right.

What do I see when I look back over the day?

Let’s see…I didn’t go in to do corporate coaching. So straight away, I had more time. I was able to stay in bed a little longer. I did my emails and researched my route for my upcoming adventure in the Pyrenees. I called Ed and did some wheeling and dealing. And then I went for a 3.5 mile run. My plan for the day was to head down to London; first to do some research on Peru in the Royal Geographical Soceity (RGS) reading room, and then afterwards attend the Michael Palin talk. Though I had things to do, I didn’t feel any real time pressure.

I Love travelling even if its down on the train to a city I have been to many times before. There is just something about embarking on a journey that excites me. And taking the train gives me time to read the paper, think, and write of which I did all three on the ride down to London.

On the train, I mind mapped out the future of my company. It’s a good plan and I feel energised to make it happen.

Once in London, I met with Christine and we had a great chat that I turned into a mini interview including a photo shoot. Christine outlined her plans post her employment at the RGS. She is heading over to Mozambique to set-up stage one of a conversation of natural resources project that will help the people of Mozambique build alternative sources of income while conserving the environment.

Then I went to the Folye Reading Room which is the RGS massive library of all things related to expeditions. I was in heaven.

My Pyrenees adventure is in the diary, and the others Mount Blanc and Kilimanjaro are within grasp. I called Neil W. to engage him in the idea of climbing Mt. Blanc and Kili with me as well as getting together to discuss some business opportunities and expeditions together. He seemed excited about the prospects. And me, well I was thinking if I can get Pete, Ed, and Neil onboard with my idea then some great stuff can happen.

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