The Big Swing

A Crazy week with cars…I went three cars in three days. First, the water pump on my truck froze up causing damage to a number of things, timing belt, valves etc, and looking to cost me over £1,000 to fix. So I borrowed my ruth’s car and low and behold by that evening her starter motor goes defunct. I am now on car number three. So far so good. Fingers crossed this one lasts me until I get my truck back.

I haven’t much in the mood for writing since I’ve been back from my travels. I’ve mainly been very task focused. Can you believe, I haven’t even read a single page of any book? Now that is a rare thing indeed considering of nearly always have my nosed stuck in a book any chance I get. I’m I to infer then, that I haven’t had a chance to read? As I am in a confessional mood, I have also not been doing my morning meditation sessions.

But as I am sitting here now tying this, the pendulum is swinging back the other way.

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