How to Kill (Your Lover)

Ok so I haven’t been the best at keeping the journal up to date. Since I returned from the States a few weeks ago, I’ve been on the go with a number of projects. I started a new contract in Derby. I’ve been slaving away on building which is my new front piece site for the training, coaching, and personal development work I do.

I did manage to take a short city break up to Edinburgh for 3.5 days of chill. Actually we crammed a lot into the three days. Some quick highlights:

We went to the Traverse Theatre on Cambridge ST to see what we thought was a play, but seemed to me to be more of an elaborate performance poetry piece. How to Kill (Your Lover), directed by Ed Robson and produced by Theatre Objektiv is an investigation into the poetry of Pablo Neruda and the imagery of Bruce Nauman.

In a darkened house, on a street with three dangerous dogs, a window opens. Behind the orange curtain a couple assemble their relationship (batteries not included) through drunk photographs, half-discarded memories and dileberately disputed stories. Arguments about angels, fights over dreams and lost love. A passionate embrace as each plans a slient murder. When all is said there is only one thing left to try. Or so the brochure read. I don’t feel the play lived up to what it said on the tin, but I did begin to enjoy after the initial beginning. In fact I, I found myself liking the more and more after the show as the poetry got a chance to percolate a little.


A visit to the National Galleries of Scotland, saw Ruth scarred for life as she bore witness to a Paulus Moreelse painting of a young lady feeding her imprisoned father with one of her lactating tits.


We also took in the underground vaults on a historic tour underneath South Bridge. Even got the chance to talk to the ghost of a shoe maker. We also had a few laughs at a comedy club called the Comedy Stand. A good laugh for a sunday night.

And of course I had to visit my favorite restaraunt in all the U.K which is a chinese restaraunt named Jimmy Chungs

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