free flight

I won a free flight to the States today. Awesome. I haven’t been home now for 3 years, so it’ll be good to get back across the big pond and visit family and friends. I’m scheduled to fly from heathrow to boston (i don’t know anyone in boston that’s just were the ticket was for). My plan at the moment is to make my way from boston to augusta, ga with lots of pit stops to visit folks. I’ve been to Boston many many moons ago. I think I’ll stop over in boston for a day to visit some of the places i didn’t get to see first time around. Then it’s down to connecticut to visit my uncle and his family. I haven’t seen my uncle H. for at least 4 or 5 years now. Then it’ll be down to new jersey. i’ve got a lot of places to visit in jersey (my birthplace) and then it’ll be down to georgia.

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