I’m sitting in my bat cave chilling to some mellow tunes watching the sun sink below the horizon. There are 3 boys and a girl playing grab-ass in the school yard that runs paralell to my back yard(garden for you UK types). I’m between contracts at the moment, so this week I’ve had some time to catch up on some of the niggly little things that beg to be done, but often get pushed to the bottom of the pile until they can no longer be ignored, like renewing my driver’s license, electing how I want to receive the dividends from my not so impressive stock, updating my website, invoices, taxes, money transfers, picking up some of my mess lying around the house, fixing odds and ends on the car, picking up my suit from the cleaners that’s been there for about 6 weeks, designing a workshop I’m running next weekend, answering emails I’ve been neglecting for weeks etc. I could go on, but I suppose I should get back to it.

On a different note, I’ve been able to start running agaian this week with the aid of a knee brace. I’ve been out of running comission now for about 4 weeks which for me is a killer as I love running. I’ve switched back to cycling and circuit training as well as boxing(bags and shadow boxing).


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