Premonition on the River’s Edge

The world is closing
i cannot see the sky.
Trapped like the wings of
a Cabbage White between
the thumbs and grubby paws
of the little blonde tyrants
kicking around in
the grass fields.

Gird up your loins
like a man,
things will work out fine

The Shadow
lingers over
waiting for me to falter,
like the panther, dark and sullen,
sinewy limbs stretched tight
ready to rip the bones from my flesh.

Who are you
to question me
with the darkness
of your counsel

I cannot hold a candle,
to Prufrock’s boots
let me drown by the Sea
oh they will not wake me.

Hear my speech,
suffer me a fool.
I do diligently speak,
a whisper
and a drool

I have found the Plains of Moab,
the River at my knee
I hear the trumpets of the Priest,
the people stand and stare
they will not shout for me

My soul’s too black
the River’s too wide
i hope they wake me
so I drown

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