Notes from Mallorca Part IV

My last installment on the Mallorca trip…

There were two hightlights from the trip. One was the absolutely terrific view from the Puig Massenella. The other was meeting Margherita or Marga as her friends and family call her.

Margherita is Antonio’s daughter. He wanted me to meet her and so introduced us after I had returned from my excursion into the hills. She speaks pretty good English and has lived in San Francisco. Plus she has an American Fiancée.

Margherita and I spent hours talking in the evening. She minds the desk at night. We talked about a great many things from capitalism to religion to tennis. I came to Mallorca seeking an answer to the question of purpose. The Universe spoke to me through Margherita. She said we should live to live not live to work. One of the things she found difficult about living in America is that everyone from her experience seemed to live to work and seemed overly concerned about what people did for work or what university they attended. She says she felt like a nobody in the presence of this system. Back in Mallorca she can live to live people don’t general ask or want to know what you do for work or what school you went to. She says it’s of such little concern that she doesn’t even know what some of her best friends do for work. Imagine that!

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