Puig Massanella

The research is going well. Yesterday was a bit of miss because it rained like mad and the mountains were covered in thick cloud…not good for navigating especially on unknown terrain. Anyway the day didn’t go to waste as I drove to most of the trail heads we would be using plus I stopped at the Monastery in Lluc. A nice treat that was. I manage to find a 1:50,000 scale hiker’s map which is better than the road map i was using.

Today was fantastic. The weather played nice and I was able to get up Puig Massanella which is the 2nd highest peak on the Island at 1352m. The highest peak tops in at 1453m but has a military radar dish on the top and hence is off limits…the whole area aroung Puig Major is an off limits military base. Any way the views from Massenella were outstanding. You can literally see all the way around the island.

It took me the better part of 5 hours to ascend and descend. I had to race down the mountain as the sun was fastly saying good bye, and the last thing I wanted to be doing was descending in the dark. The whole summit of Massanella is full of boulders and ankle breaking rocks both large and small, so i didn’t quite relish trying to find my way down under those conditions. Anyway, I made it down with about 40 minutes to spare.

I didn’t bring a decent camera with me which is unfortnate. I did however take some photos with my phone. I’ll have to wait till I get back to see how they turned out.

That’s all for now…reporting to you live from Mallorca.

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