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Back Home

It’s good to be home again. I thought I would get a chance to write from the road, but the opportunity didn’t arise and I didn’t make an effort to force myself to find an Internet connection. I did keep notes in my paper diary. The three days in Scotland were kind of touch and go. Here is a summary of the last three days:


  • Flew BA instead of Flybe.
  • Didn’t like BA’s blatant display of class discrimination.
  • Had a rare moment of social conciousness – vowed not to fly BA again to protest their blatant class discrimination.
  • BA served food on the flight (Flybe doesn’t) – changed my mind about flying BA (they say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach)
  • Lost my faith in man.
  • No suits, no ties; fuck shareholder value.
  • Desperately needed a coffee.
  • Maybe it’s not so bad being Joe Average.
  • Spent the day planted in front of a computer that belongs in a museum.
  • Trying to designa 21st century product with 1980’s technology.


  • Lovely Scottish hills – would love to live close enough to mountains to see them from my bedroom window.
  • Searching for a story to plot and write.
  • Hotel restaraunts are peculiar; lot’s of loney diners – they should force us to sit together get…what would be the harm in getting to know another fellow human being
  • One to one with my boss
  • More time stuck in front of dinosaur PC
  • Thought about sticking a fork in my eye
  • I had dinner with an old friend at my favorite restaraunt in Scotland – Jimmy Chungs
  • Worked into the night on new elearning module
  • Didn’t pack and should have


  • Packed in a hurry
  • Worked for a 4 hours in the office; left to catch flight home
  • Saw a big Hill-Billy Bob looking man in a sky blue tie-dyed short sitting crossed-legged with no shoes on a chair to small for his big body
  • Pissed off at the media showing the same pictures of abuse over and over again
  • Pissed off at the US Soldiers who have disgraced and tarnished the reputation of the service I once proudly served in and still cherish
  • Home Sweet Home

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