Blog · February 9, 2004 0

On Dicing

Okay so I haven’t done well on the dicing…I make so many decisions a day that hald the time I coundn’t be bothered to role the dice and the other half, I couldn’t stomach the idea of leaving the choice to chance instead of deliberation. I have to let go and embrace the randomness. But I suppose if you really think about, all of our choices are half chance any way. The forces of chance are constantly at work in our lives. But some how to nakedly introduce chance seems hard. I guess because it shatters the illusion of control.

I’ve started recruiting for a new adventure race team. I’m hoping to put the team together in the next couple of weeks so we can start training together and hopefully race some time mid April. My run tonight was short but swift. I could feel the cold air slicing its way through my lungs.

I’m so tired right now….I’m half asleep at the keyboard…writing these sentences is draining the last little bit of energy I have left…it won’t be long now till I have to surrender to slumber.