Eye of the Tiger

It’s the 9th day of Feb and I’m now just starting my journal for 2004, which is a break from tradition for me as I usually begin in January with the grand idea that this will be the year I finally take writing seriously and get published and yada yada yada. Anyway I was in no mood to follow that same storyline again in 2004. In fact, I have not set my mind to anything other than taking the days as they come and seeing what fortune brings.

But having drifted for a month, I feel I need to now set some goals to accomplish for 2004, mainly to give me something to focus so I don’t drift into oblivion.

I’ve started training hard again. In the next couple of days, I need to pick an event to train for…something that validates my efforts.

Work has been exciting, fun and busy for the last couple of months…but somewhere in the mind, I keep thinking that my career, such as it is, is not on any real progressive track…no yellow brick road to the top. Does it need to be? The last thing I want to happen is for the next 5 years to go flying by and I’m still at the same pay grade and position. The last 3 years I’ve made several lateral moves…but really am in the same place just with a slightly different angle.

The answer is obvious on one level….I need to break that cycle and move on and up…but because things are in place at work, I can do frivolous things outside of work like hiking and climbing, and generally puttering around on the computer doing this and that.

It’s time to get the Eye of the Tiger back…

So over the next 4 days I plan to get the chicken bones out and set a course for the next leg of my journey…

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